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Planned Itinerary for the Next Trip

December 28, 2001—January 11, 2002


The all inclusive price of the trip covers 15 days (or nights spent on the tour) beginning with the departure in Newark, New Jersey on December 28 and ending when we leave Israel and arrive in the States January11.  The price will be $2495.00 per person.


Fri Dec 28            Overnight flight to the UK to transfer to the flight to Tel Aviv


Sat Dec 29          Arrival in Israel in the afternoon, and transfer to Netanyah on the Mediterranean Sea. After dinner a short orientation meeting with introductions.


Sun Dec 30           “How long will you halt between two opinions?”

We will be introduced this day to the clash in cultures in biblical times. We begin with Herod’s seaport city of Caesarea by the Sea, which was intended to appeal to Gentiles.  Here Peter met Cornelius, the king was struck down on stage, and Paul was imprisoned before sailing to Rome. Our second stop is Mt. Carmel, where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal. The spot gives us a great overview of the Jezreel Valley. Then we will visit our first tel, Megiddo (“Armageddon”), and recall the events that took place in the area—and learn something of the archaeologist’s work.  Our last stop will be in Nazareth to see the place of the annunciation. Overnight by the Sea of Galilee. Evening: Worship Service. 


Mon Dec 31          “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.”

The focus today will be on the ministry of Jesus around the Sea of Galilee. First we will see the remains of Chorazin and talk about Jewish ritual baths and synagogues. Then to the Mount of the Beatitudes to reflect on the “Sermon on the Mount.” Close by we will see the churches that commemorate the miracle of the loaves and fish, and the commissioning of Peter. After a lunch we will have a look at the “Jesus Boat” and have a ride on the lake in a replica; we will there consider Jesus’ authority over nature. We will also visit Capernaum and see the remains of the church built on Peter’s house. In the late afternoon there will be several options folks may be interested in before returning to the rooms. Evening: Bible Study on Jesus’ teaching on “Faith and Righteousness.”  For those who wish to stay up, a New Year’s Eve celebration. 


Tues Jan 1            “Who do you say that I am?”

Now we travel through Upper Galilee, starting with an overview of Galilee from the Golan Heights, and then proceeding to the Talmudic Village of Qatzrin, where archaeologists have reconstructed an entire house to show how people lived in the early period. Then we will drive to the location of Caesarea Philippi at Banias, where Peter made his great confession and Jesus announced His Church; it was also probably from here that Jesus went up Mount Hermon and was transfigured. After a short Communion Service and lunch, we will visit some waterfalls to see one of the sources of the Jordan River. We will then survey the amazing discoveries at Tel Dan—the Israelite judicial “gate,” the “high place,” and the “Abraham” gate.  Evening: Bible Study on “The Claims that Christ Made.”  


Wed Jan 2            “Then came Jesus from Galilee to be baptized by John in the Jordan.”

We begin our journey to Jerusalem by driving down the Jordan Valley, stopping at a crusader castle, Kokav haYarden (“the Star of the Jordan”), with a scenic overview (also called “Belvoir”). Then at Beth Shean we will see both an important Old Testament tel and an amazing Roman city called Skythopolis with its bath houses, theater, amphitheater, temples, toilets, shops, and streets.  Further south we will visit the tel of Old Testament Jericho and talk about the conquest—and the temptation of Jesus nearby. From there we will head up the “Old Jericho Road,” Wadi Qelt, to Bethlehem, to visit the Church of the Nativity, as well as the adjacent Grotto where St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin.  Then we arrive at the Old City of Jerusalem, at Christ Church, where we will stay. Evening: Free time for settling in and/or an introduction to the old city with a short walking tour to the Western Wall of the Temple.     


Thurs Jan 3          “Jerusalem, which is built as a city all compacted together; where the tribes go up to give thanks to the name of the LORD.”

In the morning we will have a walking tour of the old city and the  Temple Mount, which, as most people know, is an Islamic holy place. Then we will survey the archaeological work done on the western and southern sides of the Temple area. In the afternoon we will visit the Priestly Villas, and then walk to the Mount Zion area for the location of the Upper Room, and then to the Church of Gallicantu (“Cock’s Crow”) for an overview of the city and the Valley of Gehenna and the Kidron Valley. In the evening a Bible study on “The Place of Jerusalem in God’s Program.” 


Fri Jan 4               Free Day.  We will make suggestion regarding places to visit, shop, or relax. Evening: Shabbat Dinner at Christ Church; afterward, a Bible study on “The Meaning of the Sabbath.”


Sat Jan 5               “The Voice of One Crying, ‘In the wilderness prepare the way of the LORD.”

A full day in the desert region will begin with a visit to the ruins of ancient Tel Arad to see the Israelite fortress and temple. Then we will go up Masada by the Roman ramp; this was Herod’s desert refuge where the Jewish zealots later held out after the destruction of Jerusalem. At our lunch stop there will be opportunity to float (not swim) in the Dead Sea.  Then we will walk up the nature trail to the waterfalls from the spring of En Gedi, where David encountered King Saul in the cave, and probably see some animal life, especially the long-horned goat, or Ibex. On our way back to Jerusalem we will stop at Qumran to see the remains of the Essene community and caves where they found some of the Dead Sea scrolls.  Evening: free time to recuperate.


Sun Jan 6             “I will make a New Covenant with the house of Israel”

                            Sunday morning will be free for rest or worship, either at Christ Church or one of the other churches in the area.  In the afternoon we will visit holocaust memorial Yad weShem (literally “hand and name,” meaning remembrance), and consider the causes and the effects of that tragic period.  Afterward we will visit a Moshav (a settlement) of Jewish believers in Jesus, called Yad Hashmonah (the memorial of the eight) and hear how out of the ashes of the holocaust sprang new life in Christ.  In the evening a Bible study of “Messianic Prophecies.”


Mon Jan 7             “The desert shall blossom as the rose.”

Today will be another day trip out, but very different.  We will drive to Neot Kedunim, a fascinating nature reserve that has the trees and plants of the Bible, as well as demonstrations of olive presses, threshing floors, and even the scribe’s trade. We will then go down to the sea coast town of Joppa, today Jaffa, for lunch and brief look. This was where Jonah began his brief “voyage”; it was also the home of Simon the Tanner. Then we will return to Jerusalem through the Shephelah (Lowlands), stopping at a couple of places, including the place where David fought Goliath.  Evening Bible study on “The Imagery in the Meditations in the Bible.”


Tues Jan 8            “Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation.”

Back in Jerusalem we turn our attention to the passion of our Lord Jesus.  In the morning we will drive to the Mount of Olives for an overview of the city, and then down to Bethany where there is a tomb that could be Lazarus’ tomb. From the top of Olives we will walk down to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed in agony. Then we will walk up to St. Stephen’s Gate and St Anne’s Church, where we must sing because of the acoustics, and where we will consider the Pools of Bethesda. Then we will begin the traditional Via Dolorosa with its stations of the cross. The afternoon will be free; but those who are not too tired will have the opportunity to walk down to (and up again from) the City of David and see the ruins and the water system . In the evening we will have a guided tour of the Israel Museum. 


Wed Jan 9          "Now in the place he was crucified there was a garden; and in the garden a new sepulcher, wherein was never any man yet laid.”

After a short class on what we will be seeing this day, we will walk to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, or The Church of the Resurrection as the Christians called it, which is built over the remains of the rocky hill known as Golgotha and over the location of the Garden Tomb. There will be time for people to stay to look around or to meditate in the Church.  In the afternoon we will go to the other location suggested for the crucifixion and burial, Gordon’s Calvary and the Garden Tomb. Here we will have a brief worship service with communion. The rest of the afternoon is free. In the evening we will have a Passover Seder in Christ Church, followed by a brief Bible study on “The Last Supper.”


Thurs Jan 10        Free morning for a last visit to places, or for shopping, and of course packing. Early afternoon departure for the airport for the flight to London.


Fri Jan 11              Continuation of the journey home, arriving in various gateway cities in the afternoon.


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