A through-the-Bible detailed study of God’s design for women in creation, in the culture, and in Christianity, and how that plan worked out in the development of the faith. In other words, the course seeks to discover how much women have contributed to the development of God’s program through the ages, and therefore how much they can do today.

The course is not merely a study of the question of ordination based on the few New Testament passages that are often used in the debates.  This course will include that issue near the end, but it is a much broader study than that.  We will gradually work through the Bible to gain the whole picture, and then, and only then, be ready to understand the apostolic principles.

The substance of the course will be biblical exposition and the discussion of the interpretations;  the goal of the exposition and discussions will be the synthesis of the biblical material; and the relevance of the synthesis will be the spiritual development of the household of faith, both women and men.